Asian College of Veterinary Internal Medicine


We are happy to announce that the AiCVIM residency training program will start in July 2024.

The timeline to launch the AiCVIM Residency Program in 2024

1) Submit Sponsoring Institution (SI) Registration Form (tangible evaluation of institutions) by February 29.
SI Registration fee: $700.00 USD / every 3 years.

2) Submit the Residency Training Program (RTP) Registration Form (intangible evaluation of the institution) by February 29.
No cost.

3) The Resident Training Committee will respond and give the results of application (pass or fail) to the institution and supervisor by March 31st.

4) Program registration and public announcement on the AiCVIM website on April 1st. The deadline of candidate application is Apr 30th.
Resident application fee: $100.00 USD.

5) Notification of acceptance or rejection to candidates by May 30th 31st.

6) Residency program begins between July 1 and July 15.

7) Each resident must register with the AiCVIM office within 90 days of beginning the program.
Resident registration fee: $200.00 USD.

Please send all the documents required for the program to the AiCVIM office via email (

*PayPal can be used to pay all fees.
*SI application fees are due after approval by the RCC, not when the application is submitted.

1. Facility Registration Fee ($700)

2. Resident registration Fee($200)
*Pay after July 1st